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bishopstone station


The project to restore this unique Art Deco railway station to its former Art Deco glory

Bishopstone Station, located on the Seaford to Brighton line (Sussex Downs Line), is unique in that it is the only railway station in the country to be built with two gun emplacements among other things. Sadly, over the years, it has become run down and a bit unloved.

The FOBS (Friends of Bishopstone Station CIC) was formed to bring about the restoration of this wonderful Art Deco building and to bring it back into use with new facilities, one of which is a Community Hub. We invite you to look through our website and learn about Bishopstone Station, who we are and what we are doing.

On 8th June 2014 a train pulled by a Black 5 steam locomotive steamed through Bishopstone Station to Seaford in celebration of 150 years of the Seaford line this being the second of two steam locomotives to pass through Bishopstone Station. On the previous day, the 7th June, a train pulled by the steam locomotive Oliver Cromwell had also steamed through to Seaford.


The Community Hub

The derelict shop, once Linda’s Stores

The Grand Opening of the Hub

The new Community Hub in action

Demolition and reconstruction underway to convert the old Linda’s Stores that was originally the Railway Parcel Office into the new Community Hub

The Lord Lieutenant cuts the ribbon to open the new Community Hub. Watch the video CLICK HERE

The Community Hub is now in use for talks, meeting up, classes such as French or Yoga and other functions.