FOBS People

Barbara Mine - FOBS Chairman & Director

Barbara Mine was the founder of FOBS and has been the main driving force behind the whole project to bring Bishopstone Station back to life. Without her drive and determination the project would not have achieved the great success we see today.

Jim Stanford - FOBS Vice Chairman & Director

Jim Stanford has been involved with the FOBS project from the early stages. A local historian he has accumulated a great deal of knowledge about the history of Bishopstone Station and featured on the TV programme "The Architecture the Railways Built" in an episode about Bishopstone Station.

Michael Spence (Secretary & Treasurer)

Andrew Dandridge (Director & Webmaster)

Graham Moore (Governance Officer)

Catherine Simmons (Founder Member)

Paul Bromley (Community Rail Line Officer: Sussex Downs Line)

Jon Freeman (Deceased – was the Community Rail line Chairman)

Angela Harris (Head of Gardening)

Margot Little (Creative Director)

Julian Holt (Volunteer)

Lorely Holt (Volunteer)

Julie Barnett (Volunteer)

Wendy Everest (Volunteer Gardener)

Kevin Moore (Commitee Member)

Diane Jeynes (Volunteer)

Linda Gwynne (Volunteer Gardener)