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Seaford Rotary Club

Seaford Martello Rotary Club

Without the enthusiastic support of all these companies and organisations the project to restore Bishopstone Station and set up the Community Hub would never have got off the ground.

Fund Raising

When one adopts a railway station with the aim of getting it restored there are two major hurdles to be overcome. The first is to be taken seriously and the second is to raise enough money to achieve the goal you have set. It’s true to say that fundraising for the Community Hub was a major learning curve for FOBS. It took a huge amount of drive and determination on the part of Barbara Mine, Chairman of FOBS, to get to the point at which we are now with a fully functioning Community Hub.

Our first attempt at fundraising was when the Seaford Council Grants (SCG) were opened in 2019 for local community groups and other organisations. Our application for an SCG was successful and we were awarded £500, to go towards the survey of the station building and an architectural feasability study.

From 2019 onwards we had a determined fundraising campaign and successfully raised funding from the rail operator GTR and Network Rail for improvements to the station building and subsequently the restoration of the old Parcel Room. As our campaign moved forward membership of FOBS grew along with interest in what we were trying to achieve. Further funding came in from various sources for specific needs. We also appealed for crowd funding with a Just Giving page and kept up to date with other local and wider organisations that were releasing funds.

Form filling is a task in itself and, again, this was a steep learning experience with many applications being declined and then having to work out why we failed. Towards the end of the process to achieve Phase 1 we seriously wondered if we would arrive at the level of funding we required. However, with a quiz night, an auction evening, local people donating and, at the last moment, a major funding boost FOBS were able to reach our goal of completing the new “Old Parcel Room Community Hub”

Of course, this is not the end of our fund raising needs. The Community Hub is not the end of the story. The original purpose of FOBS was to see Bishopstone Station restored to it’s full Art Deco heritage and that requires agreat deal of funding. Continued support in the form of donations and specific funds are crucial to seeing the whole project through and to turn Bishopstone Station into the asset it derserves to be.